TC 22 – 32

Meat Mincer

Professional meat mincer in stainless steel with gears transmissions.
Mincing group by melting stainless, for a perfect cut of the meat used without increase of the temperature in order to obtain a finished product of great quality.
Blocking of the mincing group os lateral, hopper dismounting in all the model (in models 32 controlled from an inducer).
Unger partial Unger cutting sets available on request.
reverse push botton included.
Avaiable single-phase and 60 Hz on request.
Complies with CE standards.

TCM 22 – 32

Meat Mincer

Structured in cast alloy covered entirely in stainless steel. Self-ventilated motor. Speed reducer with 4 hardened steel gears dipped into oil inside an oil-tight gear case. Stainless steel feedbox and meat tray. With the simple turning of a lever the mincing set is disengaged. All the machine parts can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.
Comply with the European and international regulations. Motor and controls have an IP 45 protection grade, equipped with reversers and meat entrance head made with CE regulations. Class 1 electrical equipment.

Technical data:

 MEAT MINCER TC 22 M TC 32 M TC 22 TC 32
Motor power: 1,1 Kw (230 V) – 1,5 Kw (400 V) 1,5 Kw (230 V) – 2,2 Kw (400 V) 1,1 Kw (230 V) – 1,5 Kw (400 V) 1,1 Kw (230 V) – 1,5 Kw (400 V)
Dimensions: 290x424x490 mm 290x505x505 mm
Weight: 25 kg 30 kg 25 kg 50 kg
r. p. m.: 145 145 145 145
Hourly output: 300 kg 550 kg 250 kg 500 kg
Plate diameter: 82 mm 98 mm
Avaiable on request: partial unger (3 el.), total unger (5 el.) partial unger (3 el.), total unger (5 el.), motor 400 V